While the other golf marketing outlets may brag about the size of their email lists, just how many customers are actually seeing your message? The truth is, an email marketing list is only as valuable as its open rate.

Our emails have open rates ranging from 40% - 70%. The average open rate in the sports industry is less than 27%.

With our entire U.S. database of 1.4 million, that means your message will be seen by nearly 1.2 million avid golfers. And rates start as low as $20 CPM.


To record their performance on the course, members use our mobile app, our golf facility kiosks and our association websites.

Last year our members posted more than 50 million rounds - imagine the impact your message will have when seen on our mobile apps.

A highly effective way to reach association members is through our mobile apps, and it's popularity is increasing year after year. Last year 4.1 million rounds were posted through our app, up from 1.3 million the year before.

There is no better way to reach the tech-savvy golfer, and you won't find this advertising option through any of our competition.


There is one place on the web where avid golfers frequent more than any other...our websites. Why? For membership news and information, as well as to locate places to play, eat, vacation and so much more. Last year our U.S. members used our websites to record their performance on the course 15.3 million times. Rates start as low as 2 cents an impression.

In the United States, our websites receive more than 70 million pageviews annually, and more than 1.3 million average website visits per month. In Canada, our websites receive nearly 250 million pageviews annually.


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